Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011!

A year ago the SLCC Community Garden did not even exist, and now I have been blogging about it for six months!

No pictures today.....some updates and some goals.

The basil bush did not like my kitchen. Its leaves gave me a few more leaves for dishes these past two months, but it is no longer in the kitchen :(.

The tomatoes are all gone also. So I am eating the last of 2010's harvest in my pesto I took out of the freezer.

1. I hope to create/plant more in the herb garden area.
2. I will plant one new vegetable this year.
3. I want to experience canning. I have never done it. I heard it is hard, but I like to try things at least once.

Only three more months until I can smell the earth and see things sprouting up from the earth!

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